Special Saturday Drill

December 1, 2018

There will be a special Saturday drillon December 1, 2018 from 9AM to 1PM. We will be doing the PFT test and measuring the new recruits for uniforms so eeryone is encouraged to attend. Don't forget to bring a lunch.

Veterans Water Fire Event Update

Updated Information


This is an update for the WaterFire event on Saturday November 10, 2018. 

The weather forecast is calling for a cold and windy evening so it’s important that all attendees dress appropriately. Full uniform with red t-shirts is required with gloves preferably all black. Attendees should also dress in layers to keep warm under their uniforms. Long underwear, thermals, and long sleeve t-shirts can all be worn under the camo uniform and red t-shirt. It’s very important that everyone dresses for cold weather. Backpacks are not required.

Anyone attending that is not a Young Marine should dress warm and neat. Remember all our pictures will be going to National.

All attendees should meet at the volunteer check in tent by 3:15 PM to be checked in. The check in tent is located in the park in front of the Providence Place Mall. The event is scheduled to last until 7:30 PM.

If anyone has any questions, please contact the UC or XO.

veterans waterfire information

Event Details

Time commitment: 3:30pm - 7:30pm

Check in: 3:30pm

Location: 1 Finance Plaza Providence, RI 02903 (map attached)

Onsite Point of Contact: Keegan Heston, WaterFire Event Day Staff

Description of Position:

The Young Marines will be participating as Pathfinders during the lighting ceremonies. In order to ensure the torch procession does not get stuck in the crowds, WaterFire creates a pathway from red, white and blue ribbon held by volunteers. There will also be small, American flags staked in the ground to mark the standing point of each the 90 Young Marines. Guided by Keegan, each Young Marine will be directed to their position and given ribbon to hold creating the pathway. 

The Pathfinders will take their ribbon and create a path for the torchbearers to process through. When the last torchbearer enters the pathway, the pathway will begin to collapse behind the torch procession to make sure no one from the crowd enters. During this time, the pathfinders will be picking up preset small, American flags and also roll the ribbon as the procession heads down station park into the basin. These items can be placed at the check in tent with Keegan. They are then more welcome to keep following the line and watch the ceremony from the main stairs that lead into the basin.


YM Birthday Ball Signup Form

Young Marines Birthday Ball Flyer (docx)


Young marines birthday ball deadline

Where and When

The South Coast birthday ball will be held on Friday 11/16/18 at Century House, 107 S Main Street, Acushnet MA 02743. Tickets are $25 per person.  

There will be dinner, a DJ and candy table. 

 Parents are encouraged to attend with their Young Marines. 

Dress Code

Young Marines and Adults - Formal attire (shirt/tie/slacks dress/skirt, etc. -no t-shirts, sneakers or jeans). 

Prior service/active duty military may wear dress uniform.

Important Information

**IMPORTANT** Parent or guardian must accompany Young Marines 10 years old and under. Parents may arrange with another parent/adult to have him/her chaperone their child, otherwise no drop offs for this age range.

Your RSVP and payment must be received no later than November 7th. Please see UC or XO for more information.

Important Notice of Updated Procedures

The Registered Adult Manual has been replaced with an all new Adult Volunteer Manual. This manual is available for download under the Resources tab in the Registered Adults section. 

All Registered Adults should download the manual in preparation for the upcoming Registered Adult exam the Young Marines National will be requiring all Registered Adults to pass.